Getting Your “Back-to-School” Schedule Back in Balance

Alarm set, kids up, dog out, breakfast made, lunches and supplies packed, teeth brushed, dressed, in the car or off to the bus stop … forgetting anything?

“Did anyone let the dog back in?”

Takes a while to get back into the swing of a new school year. The summer goes by so fast. Already, the Fourth of July seems like ages ago. The store shelves newly stocked with notebooks, markers, planners, pencils. Sign-up for fall sports and first games are just around the corner.

“And what about plans for after school?”

Now there’s a very good question. Thankfully, High 5 has got some very good answers for you.

A Social Circle for After School Excellence

As a state-licensed school readiness provider of After School programs (LN#CHC430443), High 5 currently serves many elementary schools throughout our region, including Bevis, Brooker, Cimino, Fishhawk Creek, Kingswood, Lithia, Mintz, Stowers, and Symmes. All activities are held onsite and students have the option to participate in a variety of Kids Clubs at no additional cost.

Even better, all curriculum is tied to safety and content standards as directed by the state of Florida. The diversity in programming ranges from arts and crafts and education coaching to gardening, cooking, hobbies, and essential life skills—extending the lessons of the day into the afternoons all within the borders of the school property itself.

Raising a Hand to Lend a Hand

High 5 afterschool programs give kids the chance to learn, play, and laugh in safe, secure, and fully supervised environments. Our goal is to help school administrators help their students build friendships, engage with each other, and strengthen neighborhoods.

Children who are free to be themselves at play in and out of the water—as well as in and out of the classroom—learn how to work together in teams, practice leadership skills, and develop positive work ethics that really pay off later in life.

High 5 Celebrates All of It

Enrollment for the 2022-23 school year is now open. Registration can be completed online at the following link: For more details, call 813-689-0908 or contact us at

Reservations are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. So don’t miss your chance to get your child or children in the mix.

Getting your fall schedule in balance depends on it!

High 5 is a fully accredited, 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to community partnership—working together with representatives in local business and government to make our neighborhoods safer and more fulfilling places to live, work, and play—for the win!