Learn To Swim

Swim for the Win!

High 5 believes no child should every drown again. It’s our first and foremost priority, and the main reason why we’re so giving of our time and resources in this area.

Introducing High-5 LEARN TO SWIM PROGRAM.

The most comprehensive swim academy of its kind in the region, featuring eight different categories of lessons: Dolphin & Pups (6 months – 3 years), Clownfish (3+ years), Angelfish (advanced beginner swimmers), Sea Turtles (intermediate swimmers), Manta Rays (swimmers), Sharks (advanced swimmers and swim team prep), Pufferfish (one-on-one classes), Octopus (3+ adaptive aquatics).

We also offer a progressive group lesson program as well as private lessons for both children and adults, parent/tot classes and adaptive swim lessons, as well as Olympic-level coaching for swimming and diving competitors.

Water Fun!

Drowning is known to be the leading cause of unintentional tragedy for kids under the age of four. That’s all the motivation anyone should need to take an active role in preventing it.

High 5 is always looking for new and innovative ways to further the cause of water safety through summer swim leagues, year-round swim lessons, and other aquatics-based programming. Naturally, it all starts with teaching children how to swim safely in expected conditions and how to save themselves should they find themselves in deep water unexpectedly.

Turn the tide against loss of life in the water

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, High 5 has been working since its inception back in 1963 to become a leader in youth drowning prevention. First and foremost through our “Learn to Swim” program, but also in terms of lifeguard- and CPR-certification classes, competitive swimming, diving, first-aid training, and much more.

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