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Swim Lessons For the Win.

Swimming is not just and important life skill, it’s a healthy activity that is also a lot of fun! If your child has expressed an interest in swimming, consider Blue Wave. We make it easy to become a member of our team. Simply stop by during any of our regularly scheduled practice times for a quick, free and no obligation try out.

Have your child bring a bathing suit and a towel as they will be getting in the pool. We can provide a pair of goggles, if needed.  After watching your child in the water, a friendly staff member will guide you to the right program for his or her needs. Simple, fast and fun. We have a program for every child.  High 5 … For the Win!



  • Introduction to the water environment
  • Water Safety skills & education
  • Swim, float, swim
  • Kicking assistance on stomach and back
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Submerging under water
  • Getting in and out of the water safely from ladder, stairs, and the pool ledge
  • Scooping and kicking movements
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CLOWNFISH: 3+ Beginner

CLOWNFISH: 3+ Beginner

  • Blow bubbles from mouth and nose
  • Face in water, hold breath for 5 seconds
  • 10 bobs, submerging completely, blowing nose bubbles
  • Submerge completely, retrieve submerged object
  • Front float and front glide to teacher and to wall with assistance
  • Back float with assistance for 10 seconds
  • Kick on back with assistance
  • Roll from back float to front float, then return to back float with assistance
  • Scoop and kick on front with assistance from teacher
  • Safe entrance and exit of pool
  • Water Safety skills & education
  • Safety walk-around the pool
  • Parent introduction to lessons
  • Water comfortability
  • Always ask for permission to get in!


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ANGELFISH: Advanced Beginner Swimmers

ANGELFISH: Advanced Beginner Swimmers

  • Face in, float unassisted for 7 seconds
  • Front glide to teacher and to the wall, traveling two body lengths
  • Roll from back float kicking to front kicking, then return to back float kicking
  • Face in digging and kicking, traveling 3 body lengths
  • Chin up to get a breath with assistance
  • Streamline position with kick
  • Using 3-5 freestyle arms (big circles)
  • Using 2-5 backstroke arms (big circles reversed)
  • Distance swimming 20-25 feet
  • Water Safety skills & education
  • Must have no fear of face in water to be in this level
  • Introduction to treading
  • Intro to elementary backstroke
  • Always ask for permission to get in!


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Sea Turtle: Intermediate Swimmers

Sea Turtle: Intermediate Swimmers

  • Streamline position for both freestyle and backstroke, with kicks 20-25 feet unassisted
  • Rotary breathing used in freestyle
  • Swimming backstroke with arms and correct body position one length of the pool unassisted
  • Swimming freestyle with arms, correct body position, and rotary breathing one length of the pool
  • Introduction of the dolphin kick
  • Water Safety skills & education
  • Deep end swimming drills
  • Independent treading
  • Independent floating
  • Always ask for permission to get in!


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Manta Ray: Swimmers


  • Freestyle and backstroke skills and drills
  • Swim freestyle 25 yards without stopping (2 times)
  • Swim backstroke 25 yards without stopping (2 times)
  • Endurance building
  • Uses a kickboard to kick freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Butterfly kick
  • Feet first surface dive
  • Head first surface dive
  • Tread water using 2 different kicks (scissor kick, breaststroke kick with sculling arms) 2 min
  • Look before you leap entry into water
  • Learn to perform simple reaching and throwing assists
  • Water Safety skills & education


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Shark: Advanced Swimmers & Pre-Team


  • Swims 4 lengths of the pool freestyle unassisted
  • Swims 4 lengths of the pool backstroke unassisted
  • Learns breaststroke arms with the proper breath and kick sequence
  • Learns butterfly arms with proper breath and kick sequence
  • Treads water for 3 min
  • Learns the freestyle flip turn
  • Learns the backstroke flip turn
  • Learns the proper way to shallow dive
  • Water sport skills development (splash ball, fin swimming)
  • Safety swimming with clothes
  • Water Safety skills & education
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Pufferfish: One-On-One Classes


The pufferfish class is a one on one teaching environment. The instructor will work with the parents or students to reach desired goals, swimming independently or improved swimming abilities and water skills. Some of these skills will be age dependent since we start at 18 months old.

  • Introduction to the water environment, Water Safety skills & education, swim, float, swim
  • Kicking with parent on stomach and back, blowing bubbles, submerging underwater, getting in and out of the water safely
  • Streamline position for both freestyle and backstroke, with kicks 20-25 feet unassisted, rotary breathing used in freestyle, swimming backstroke with arms and correct body position one length of the pool unassisted
  • Swimming freestyle with arms, correct body position, and rotary breathing one length of the pool
  • Swimming butterfly with correct kick and overhead pull
  • Swimming breaststroke with correct kick and arm pull
  • Class based on goals of the participant
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OCTOPUS: 3+ Adaptive Aquatics


  • Water Safety skills & education
  • Water exploration
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Putting face in the water
  • Submerging whole body
  • Retrieving objects from the bottom
  • Front float/back float
  • Enter and exit water safely
  • Streamline position
  • Kicking on front and back
  • Digging with arms and leg kicks
  • Learn to use kickboard
  • Learn to jump into the pool
  • Learn to take breath and re-submerge face
  • Freestyle arms
  • Swimming unassisted different lengths of the pool
  • Learning different strokes (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle)
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