Lifeguard Certification

High 5 is a leader in Lifeguard certification/re-certification.

We are also an approved authorized provider from the American Red Cross (ARC) in blended learning coursework. Aquatics Director, Teresa Beebe conducts complete lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, and AED training right here at our facility.

Blended Learning means that the students will utilize the ARC learning center to help facilitate each element of the course. Students will attend the pre-req swim test where they will be required to swim 300 yards for lifeguarding, freestyle (crawl stroke) and breast stroke, tread water for two minutes, and complete a 1-minute and 40-second timed swim.

After the swim test, students will receive via email the internet web link to the online portion of the class. They will have one week to complete the online portion of the class prior to the classroom portion.

The cost of the course is $199, which includes the American Red Cross blended learning registration and a resuscitation mask, which is required for the CPR portion.

There are no refunds for the course fee, and payment must be made in advance. Enrollees who do not pass the swim test have the option of transferring to a class at a later date while they work on their swimming skills, but no refunds will be given. High 5 does not provide swim instruction to potential enrollees. Participants must be 15 years of age by the end of the course, promptly attend EVERY CLASS, and pass the FINAL EXAM to be certified. There are no make-up classes. Lifeguard certifications last two years.

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