Camp Gladiator Comes to BSAC!

Camp Gladiator will be launching its fitness boot camp program right here at BSAC on Monday, January 28th! This means all BSAC members get to enjoy a two week preview for FREE! BSAC employees will be offered an extended six week trial period. Classes will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM. There is no sign up cost or automatic enrollment, just full body workouts with personal trainer Gina Peterson. A discount code will be announced at the end of the two week preview for those who wish to continue their fitness journey!

Camp Gladiator will cover a new theme every week in endurance, strength, agility interval training, or high interval training. The introductory two week preview will be an eclectic mix of all themes for a fun, full body workout at your own pace! Participants can expect to see results based on specific, personalized needs. This could include training for the ability to walk further and faster, or benefit runners who are looking to cut PR time in races. Other health benefits include learning proper breathing techniques and increased lung function.

This fun fitness program breaks traditional norms by offering comradery style games in a community atmosphere. Participants will meet new people in the Brandon area and enjoy learning workouts in a judgement free zone. Over time, it’s easy to develop relationships and build an incredible support system that will help you along every step of the way.

Coach Gina Peterson is originally from New York and moved to Florida with her two children over three years ago. She was a Camp Gladiator participant before switching sides to become a trainer. Gina is an athlete, and danced professionally from the age of 7 to 25. She still enjoys practicing dance and remains active in the dance community. In her spare time, she enjoys training her children and watching them at gymnastics and soccer practice. She also volunteers as a conditioning coach at Winthrop Charter School. Gina plans to continue offering free private training for children who cannot afford to prepare for sports teams.

To learn more about the program, please visit: