Fun, Friends, and Family: High 5 for the Holidays!



At this time of year, I’m reminded of just how important a kind word or gesture can be, especially when shared with someone you’ve never met.

Season’s greetings, everyone! I’m Chuck Burgess, CEO at High 5, writing with thoughts of what it means to live our best lives. Being healthy, eating well, doing productive work, and finding time for exercise are part of it. So is having a strong social circle around us. In that respect, I feel truly blessed for the people in my family at home and at my home away from home.

Which, of course, is here at High 5.

Over the better part of the last decade, I’ve made some of the best, longest-lasting friendships of my life. I also found a place where I can serve a purpose greater than myself. That I share that purpose with everyone here is something I know brings a lot of joy to each of us. And naturally, it brings concern, too. So, collectively, it only stands to reason that we all try to look out for one another while taking care of others.

That kind of thing is contagious, in a good way. 

Better Angels in Action

I value it every day in our people at High 5. The jobs they do become a part of them. And, I believe it’s worth celebrating. This being such a volatile time, our organization faces many of same challenges as any other, but we know we’ve got something more to offer employees than just a reliable paycheck. Our people picked us as much as we selected them. And for that, we truly feel a spirit of gratitude. 

From Our Team to Yours

If that sounds like a great place to work, you’d be right! 

Same as High 5 is also a great place to teach, volunteer, or support through donations.

Right now, we’re in the beginning stages of recruitment, retention, and fundraising drives that promise even brighter things ahead for 2022 and beyond. Yet, even as we re-envision what we can be in the future—we can take pride in who we are and how far we’ve come—while reaching out in the present.

For more info, click HERE or contact member services at 813-689-0908.

It will be our pleasure to meet you.

Chuck Burgess, CEO