BSAC Blue Wave Travels to Savannah Georgia

After a successful winter training session, the BSAC Blue Wave Swim Team visited Savannah, Georgia for their annual travel meet in January. This is Blue Wave’s third year of participating in travel meets, having previously visited the Caribbean and New Orleans. Each year the trips grow in popularity among swimmers and parents alike.

Rich Rogers, Head Coach of BSAC Blue Wave, wanted to make this trip about shared experiences and team bonding, rather than focusing solely on performance.

“We picked this trip because it’s the beginning of the second part of the short course season. We did our heavy winter training in December and early January,” said Rich Rogers. “When we get to meets at the end of the season, we want the kids in the hotel, resting, eating right, doing all the things they need to do so they can perform at their best.”

The swimmers who attended this trip got to experience Savannah’s famous Riverwalk, explore the cemeteries, and visit local eateries. Although it’s important for swimmers to push themselves and work hard, Coach Rich often reminds the team to build friendships and appreciate the memories made along the way.

“As a former swimmer, swim parent and now coach, I know that when you hang up your goggles, you’re not always going to remember the times and the ribbons. They all blur together,” says Rich Rogers. “What you do remember is the shared experiences you have with your teammates, coaches, and families. When the memories fade and the ribbons go away, these memories stay with you for life”

BSAC Blue Wave’s next travel meet will be back to New Orleans in June.



–  Carli Walko : BSAC Director of Marketing