Congratulations Kellen Denk and Rich Rogers, Team Leaders of November!

BSAC would like to recognize the Team Leaders of November, Kellen Denk and Rich Rogers. They were chosen based on their exceptional work ethic and nominations from fellow employees. Our BSAC team recognition program allows our families to learn more about our team members and the important roles they fill.

Kellen first joined the BSAC team because he was looking for an after-school program that provided an educational experience in a different way. He has since loved every minute of being a mentor, and that enthusiasm really shows in his daily interactions with students at Stowers Elementary.

“My favorite part about being a mentor is the reaction I get when I’m interacting with the kids, and I see them positively reflecting on the activities we are doing,” said Kellen.

Time and time again, Kellen has shown that he is both a team player and leader by taking on additional responsibilities while demonstrating excellent critical thinking skills. He is never too busy to help out a fellow team member, and remains positive in every situation. His patient, kind spirit is perfect for working with children, and he maintains a good balance between being fun and respected.

“I feel like I am making a difference here because I am able to educate kids while also letting them educate me to make me a better mentor,” said Kellen. “The symbiotic relationship I have with all my students allows me to make an impact.”

In his spare time, you can find Kellen playing soccer, fishing, or watching sports. He plans to continue a career working with children as a pediatric nurse.

Rich joined the BSAC family a little over two years ago bringing experience not only as a swim coach, but also as a business man and estate broker. He has come full circle in the athletic swimming world from being a swimmer and swim parent, to building national championship swim teams and coaching division 1 and 2 athletes.

“My favorite aspect of coaching is the ability to impact people by doing what I love to do,” said Rich. “By offering opportunities for people to get involved with a sport, I see how that opportunity helps them both in the pool and out.”

It’s no secret that Rich’s positivity is contagious to all who work with him. He motivates swimmers to pursue their goals without taking no for an answer. Rich is always thinking outside the box for ways to enhance programming while maintaining excellent communication with his team and their parents.

“I want us to be known as a fun place where the individuals are taken care of,” said Rich. “The team will be successful because each and every individual is cared for.”

When he’s not on the pool deck, Rich enjoys spending time with his family, producing music, and collecting guitars. Before beginning a career in coaching, Rich played music professionally and owned a minor record label.

On behalf of everyone at BSAC, we would like to thank Kellen and Rich for their hard work and outstanding attitudes not only in the month of November, but year round.